Seametrics PT35 Dual Pulse Timer


The PT35 digital counter-timer is designed to be used with Seametrics (or similar) meters and flow sensors that produce a pulse signal.

  • For use with MJ-Series pulse meters or any of our insertion meters
  • Microcontroller-based
  • Glass-reinforced housing with clear weatherproof cover
  • Exact digital time setting
  • Dual counter/timer with optional sequential operation
  • Plug-in outputs and power cord for convenience in cooling tower applications



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Product Details

Seametrics PT35 Dual Pulse Timer

The PT35 serves as either a single or a dual timer, depending on whether one or both of its independent accumulators and timers are used. When the PT35 is used as a single timer, the accumulator counts the pulses coming from the meter. When a pre-set number of pulses has been reached, output power turns on for a set time, and then the cycle repeats.

For applications requiring dual timers (typically, one chemical feed and one water bleed), both accumulators and timers are set to operate independently, even though input is from a single meter or flow sensor.


  • Water treatment
  • Chemical dosing
  • Cooling towers
  • Boilers

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