Seametrics IP800 Series Insertion Paddlewheel Flow Meter

IP800 Series

Seametrics IP meters are ideal for chemical proportioning applications and are designed for use with a wide variety of liquids.

  • High-quality ruby bearings for excellent low-flow performance and long life
  • Square-wave frequency output can connect directly to PLC's or counter controls
  • Indicator or transmitter can be mounted on the flowmeter or remote
  • Fittings are available in a wide variety of materials and sizes
  • Pickup exerts no magnetic drag on the rotor



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Product Details

Seametrics IP800 Fixed Depth Insertion Paddlewheel

The IP800-Series are impeller (or “paddlewheel”) insertion meters designed for use with a wide variety of liquids in pipe sizes 1/2 to 8 inches. Sensors are available in brass, 316 stainless steel, PVC, and polypropylene. Bodies are machined from a solid rod for maximum precision.

High quality jewel bearings and nickel-bound tungsten carbide shafts are used for extreme low friction and long life. Low-flow performance is good, although other Seametrics flow meters are recommended where extremely low flows are being measured.


  • Industrial water/wastewater treatment
  • Cooling water monitoring
  • Industrial fluid control
  • Chemical proportioning

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