Kanomax Climomaster 6501 Series Anemometer

6501 Series

The Climomaster anemometer is a research grade handheld hot-wire anemometer that promises level 2% m.v. accuracy, making it the most accurate hot-wire airflow meter in the world.

  • Equipped with an automatic atmospheric pressure compensation function.
  • Wide range of probe choices for challenging applications.
  • Sleek, ergonomical design with anti-slip grip backlit display.
  • Generous datalogging capacity (up to 20000 records)
  • Includes 79 in. (2m) probe cable, USB cable, 6 AA batteries, carrying case, operation manual.



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Product Details

Climomaster Anemometer 6501Series

The Kanomax Climomaster is the most accurate hot-wire anemometer of its kind. It offers research-grade accuracy at an affordable, industry competitive price. A special platinum-coated sensor ensures accuracy and improves stability and durability, and a production facility that uses multiple types of wind tunnels. This combination guarantees the accuracy and reliability of our products. A high degree of accuracy is essential for applications such as cleanroom certifications, laminar flow measurements, and R&D product development.

Climomaster Hot-Wire Anemometer – 6501 Series probes can measure temperature and/or humidity along with air flow. Other probes are designed for use in turbulent or high-velocity airflow and some are miniaturized for use in really tight spaces like those encountered when checking the cooling profile of a circuit board. The unit comes standard with 20,000 record storage capacity and advanced data logging capability. It can also be ordered with a pressure sensor and analog output if desired. Many additional accessories such as software, extension rods, hands-free case and special cable lengths are also available.


  • HVAC Testing
  • IAQ Investigations
  • Critical Environment Certification
  • HEPA Filter Performance Testing
  • Turbulent Air Testing
  • Manufacturing Process Controls

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