Greyline Stingray 2.0 Portable Area Velocity Flow Meter

Stingray 2.0

Portable long-life battery powered area velocity (level and flow) logger for open channels, partially filled pipes, and surcharged pipes without a flume or weir.


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Product Details

Portable, Battery-Powered

This compact new meter operates on standard alkaline batteries for extended time periods to data log level, velocity and water temperature in open channels, partially full sewer pipes and surcharged pipes without a flume or weir. It is designed for municipal stormwater, combined effluent, raw sewage, irrigation water and stream flow.

Streamlined Ultrasonic Sensor

The Stingray 2.0 uses a hydrodynamic ultrasonic sensor to accurately measure both velocity and level in the channel. The submerged sensor has no moving parts and is resistant to fouling and corrosion.

Standard Alkaline Batteries Last Up to 4 Years

With 4 D-cell Alkaline batteries the Stingray 2.0 will operate up to 4 years! These low cost batteries are available in stores everywhere and with an extremely low self discharge rate they will reliably power the energy-efficient Stingray 2.0 for the duration of your flow study.

Data Logging / 130,000 Data Points

Stingray 2.0 stores up to 130,000 data points including level, velocity and water temperature. Between readings it hibernates to conserve energy.

USB Data Download

Connect your laptop or PC to the Stingray’s USB output to view realtime level and velocity readings, view remaining logger and battery capacity and to set the Stingray 2.0 logging interval.

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