Greyline DLT 2.0 Differential Level Transmitter

DLT 2.0

The DLT 2.0 is a simple solution for bar screen level control at wastewater treatment plant headworks, pump stations, and combined sewer systems.

  • Bar Screen Differential Plus Open Channel Flow
  • Two-Tank Inventory
  • Submerged Flow Alarm
  • NEMA4X (IP66) polycarbonate with clear, shatterproof cover



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Product Details

Greyline DLT 2.0 Differential Level Transmitter

Differential level and control plus open channel flow monitoring with two noncontacting, ultrasonic sensors. It includes two noncontacting ultrasonic sensors to measure level. Sensors are positioned above a channel, up and downstream from the bar screen, the DLT 2.0 can display and transmit differential level. The downstream sensor can also be installed above a flume or weir to measure and totalize open channel flow.

Versatile, Easy to Use

One sensor can be installed on each side of a bar screen to continuously monitor, transmit, and control level. The built-in control relays or 4-20mA outputs can be used to automatically activate the bar screen rake at preset levels.


  • Bar screen Level
  • Pump Stations
  • Combined Sewer Systems
  • Level Control Differential
  • Level Control Open
  • Channel Flow

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