Fuji Electric FSV Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Dedicated ultrasonic transit time flow meter for accurate measurement of clean liquids and liquids with less than 2-3% suspended solids.



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Product Details

The Fuji Electric FSV ultrasonic flow meter delivers top-tier performance for measuring liquid flow using transit time clamp-on technology. Install it without halting operations, ideal for precise measurements in filled, closed pipes with clean liquids.

With digital signal processing, it offers better than ±1% accuracy and performs well even with up to 12% air bubbles at 3ft/s velocity. It's rugged, IP66-protected, and 2/3 the size of its older model, Time Delta-S.

Simple front-panel buttons make setup easy. Various output options, including 4-20mA and digital, are available for data transmission.

Additional clamp-on sensors are required, fitting pipe diameters from 1/2 to 235 inches and temperatures from -40 to 390°F. A straight pipe length of 10x upstream and 5x downstream is needed.

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