Dynasonics IS-6000 Doppler Area Velocity Flow Meter


For partially filled pipes and open channels without a primary device, the IS-6000 flow meter directly measures flow velocity, level and temperature with a single submerged sensor.

  • Size Range | 0.13...32 ft
  • Temperature Range | 5...122°F
  • Pressure Range | Up to 30 PSI
  • Power | 100…240V AC or 10…36V DC
  • Interface | Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP Ethernet; WiFi remote programming



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Product Details

Dynasonics IS-6000 Doppler Area Velocity Flow Meter

For open channel and partially filled pipe flow measurement, IS-6000 flow meter measures flow velocity and level to determine the flow rate and total volume passing through. Available with submerged pulse Doppler sensor, the IS-6000 is a versatile meter that eliminates the need for weirs or flumes.

Area Velocity Sensor

The Area Velocity Sensor consists of two sensors—a pulse Doppler (green beam) and a level sensor (red beam). The low profile sensor transmits ultrasonic pulses into the flow, which are echoed back from particles in the medium. Using pulse coherent Doppler, the velocity is measured at different levels to determine the velocity profile of flow, resulting in a more accurate reading. An additional benefit of pulsed Doppler is that it eliminates the need for on-site calibration and recalibration based on seasonal flows.


Area-velocity flow meters calculate the flow rate by multiplying the cross sectional area and the velocity of the fluid. The cross sectional area is determined by selecting the shape and size of the channel and measuring the height of the water level. The velocity of the water is measured by a submerged Doppler sensor.

Set up the IS-6000 meter from a smartphone or laptop and connecting to the WiFi built into the meter. By using a standard web browser, there is no need to install an app or software. If a physical connection is preferred, the IS-6000 meter can be setup through the Ethernet LAN port. Built in security helps protect against unauthorized access for both WiFi and Ethernet LAN.


By directly measuring the velocity at different heights below the surface, the IS-6000 flow meter provides a better flow reading for open channels than by measuring level alone.

  • Exceptional Performance. Data logs all measurements and up to four external instrumentation devices.
  • Connectivity Choices. Remotely program over WiFi or Ethernet LAN and share data over a variety of network options.
  • Application Flexibility. Well suited for flow measurement into wastewater treatment plants, storm and sanitary sewer systems.

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