CDI Meters 5200-SC Display Board/Modbus RTU


Provides Modbus RTU communications over an RS-485 network for CDI flow meters.

  • Many meters can be monitored over a single cable
  • Supports Modbus RTU communications over an RS-485 network​
  • Transmits current reading and cumulative usage​
  • Available as an option on new meters and as a retrofit for existing meters​


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Product Details

CDI 5200-SC Serial Communication Option for CDI Flow Meters

The CDI 5200-SC option operates on a two-wire (half duplex) RS-485 bus. In this system, a single master (the computer or PLC) is connected to a number of slaves (the flowmeters) through a twowire data connection with a return. Data are transmitted by creating a difference in voltage between the two data lines; this makes the system highly immune to noise. Data can be transmitted up to 4000 feet at low data rates. The number of slaves that can be supported on the network depends upon the electrical characteristics of the slaves; as many as 128 of the 5200-SC slaves can be supported.

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