CDI 5100 Inline Compressed Air/Nitrogen Flow Meter

5100 Series

Easy to install compressed air/nitrogen meter for pipes 3/8 to 1/2 inches. Four digit LED display with operating pressure of 200 psig maximum.

  • Accurate measurement of small point-of-use flows
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Weather resistant and surge protected
  • Milliamp output
  • Pulse output convertible to threshold output
  • User-configurable scaling, filtering and units of measure
  • Optional wired and wireless outputs for networking
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Product Details

CDI 5100 Inline Compressed Air/Nitrogen Flow Meter

The 5100 is a thermal mass design, using one probe to sense the air temperature and maintaining the other ten degrees warmer. By concentrating the flow where it passes the two probes, it is able to measure low air flows without requiring small passages that could clog or create excessive pressure drops.

The meter is furnished with a carefully-reamed six-inch piece of size-specific pipe to be installed where the air enters the meter. With this pipe in place, there is no other requirement for flow conditioning or straight upstream pipe. The meter may be installed between quick disconnect fittings to test air usage by small pieces of equipment.


The meter is designed for use with compressed air and nitrogen. The air must be free of oil, dirt that could foul the probes, and suspended water droplets.

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