Blancett B3000 Series Flow Monitor


The Blancett® B3000 Series flow monitor provides a flexible, durable, easy-to-use platform for flow metering applications. The monitor makes it easy to track flow, with a crisp dot-matrix display.

  • Power | 3.6V DC lithium D Cell battery (6 years of service life)
  • Input Frequency Range | 1...3500 Hz
  • Input Frequency Accuracy | ±0.1%
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Product Details

B3000 Series Flow Monitor

This monitor is capable of accepting low-level frequency input signals typically found in turbine flow sensors. The output signal for these type of sensors is a frequency proportional to the rate of flow. The B3000 monitor uses the frequency information to calculate flow rate and total flow.

The monitor is available in three levels of functionality and two packaging options. The base model provides all the functions necessary for the most common flow metering applications. The advanced version adds communications capabilities over an RS485 bus using Modbus RTU and control outputs. The third version is a solar-powered model (NEMA 4X only).


  • Advanced Connectivity. Designed with advanced connectivity, which provides connection to meters within the network for remote monitoring and process automation capabilities.
  • Enhanced Data. Features updated display and totalization options to provide more flow information, including simultaneous display of rate and total, as well as standard, batch and grand totals.
  • Alarm Parameters. Equipped with alarm parameters to provide faster warning when something changes within the process or pipeline.

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