Blancett B2900 Series Flow Monitor

B2900 Series

The Blancett B2900 Series flow monitor incorporates state-of-the-art, digital signal processing technology, designed to provide exceptional flexibility at a very affordable price.

  • Power | Automatically switches between 3.6V DC lithium D Cell battery and 4...20 mA loop
  • Input Frequency | 1...3500 Hz
  • Measurement Accuracy | 0.05%



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Product Details

B2900 Series Flow Meter

This monitor can accept low-level frequency input signals typically found in turbine flow sensors. The output signal for these types of sensors is a frequency proportional to the rate of flow. The B2900 monitor uses the frequency information to calculate flow rate and total flow.

Though it is designed for use with Blancett flow sensors, this monitor can be used with almost any flow sensor producing a low amplitude AC output or contact closure signal.


  • Robust alarm parameters provide faster warning when something changes in the process or pipeline.
  • Greater control and greater visibility of batch operations.
  • Advanced connectivity options allow you to connect meters to your network for remote monitoring and process automation capabilities.
  • Updated display and totalization options provide more flow information, including simultaneous display of rate and total as well as standard, batch and grand totals.
  • Various mounting options provide a B2900 model for your operation.

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