Badger ModMAG M5000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Battery powered general purpose magmeter for a wide range of liquids, including water, wastewater, and almost any conductive liquid.

  • Available in sizes 0.5 to 16 inches
  • Battery powered (field replaceable), up to 10 years life
  • NSF listed (all PTFE lined, rubber 4 inches and above)
  • Accuracy unaffected by viscosity, temperature or density
  • Easy installation and no maintenance required
  • Remote and integral styles
  • Onboard data logger options



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Product Details

Badger ModMag M5000 Series Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Designed, developed and manufactured under strict quality standards, the M-Series M5000 electromagnetic meter features sophisticated, processor-based signal conversion with accuracies of ± 0.50%. Based on Faraday’s Law of Induction, these meters can measure potable water, reclaimed water, ground water and clear, water-based applications that have minimal electrical conductivity.

The flow meter is a stainless steel tube lined with a non-conductive material. Outside the tube are two DC-powered electromagnetic coils positioned opposite each other. Perpendicular to the coils are two electrodes inserted into the flow tube. The energized coils create a magnetic field across the diameter of the pipe.

As a conductive fluid flows through the magnetic field, a voltage is induced across the electrodes. This voltage is proportional to the average flow velocity of the fluid and is measured by the two electrodes. This induced voltage is then amplified and digitally processed by the converter to produce an accurate analog or digital signal. The signal can then be used to indicate flow rate and totalization, or to communicate to remote sensors and controllers. In addition, the processor controls zero-flow stability, frequency outputs, serial communications, and other parameters.

With no moving parts in the flow stream, there is no pressureloss. Also, accuracy is not affected by temperature, pressure, viscosity or density and there is practically no maintenance required.


The M5000 mag meter is designed for applications without power line access, where flow is continuous, and when indication of rate and totalization are required. The M5000 can accurately measure fluid flow—whether the fluid is water or a highly corrosive liquid, very viscous, contains a moderate amount of solids, or requires special handling. Today, electronic meters are successfully used in industries including potable water, reclaimed water, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical.

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