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Toshiba LF622 Display/Converter

Brand: Toshiba  | Model: LF622

Remote style display/converter for use with Toshiba LF654 and GF632 Series magmeters. HART, Modbus and Profibus communication options available.

Part #: LF622
From $1,575.00 to $2,742.00
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Remote Mount Toshiba LF622 Display / Converter

Remote mount style display/converter for use with Toshiba magmeters. User-friendly design is easy to install and operate. 128x128 dot matrix LCD can be rotated electronically to suit installation requirements. Converter is equipped with infrared switches, and can be programmed/operated without opening cover. Includes 4-20 mA and 2 digital outputs, 1 digital input.

Available in AC and DC models, with HART protocol (standard), or Modbus and Profibus options.