Rental Greyline PDFM Doppler Flow Meter Kit

Brand: Greyline  | Model: PDFM 5 (Rental)

Handheld doppler flow meter ideal for difficult liquids like wastewater, slurries, and sludges. Perfect for any liquid containing bubbles or suspended solids.

  • Clamp-on ultrasonic transducer for non-invasive measurement
  • Works on plastic and metal pipes 0.5" to 180" (12.5 mm to 4.5 m)
  • Built-in 300,000 point data logger
  • Long life battery (up to 18 hours) and AC charger
  • Rugged IP67 heavy duty carry case
  • Large, backlit LCD display shows flow rate and totalizer

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Part #: PDFM5-KIT-R
From $599.00 to $1,499.00
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Fast, Easy Flow Measurement with Non-Contacting Sensor

Use a Greyline PDFM 5 Portable Doppler Flow Meter to monitor and balance flow, or to troubleshoot flow problems in pipes. It is ideal to full evaluate performance of in-line flow meters and can be installed, calibrated and started-up in minutes. Use it for projects where a permanent flowmeter is not required or to temporarily replace installed flow transmitters.

The PDFM 5 ultrasonic sensor is on the outside of a pipe. An clamped acoustic pulse is reflected back to the sensor from particles or gases in the flowing liquid. The flow rate of any fluid can be measured as long as it contains air bubbles or solids. It is ideal for wastewater, slurries, sludge, and most chemicals, acids, caustics, and lubrication fluids.

With its internal battery the PDFM 5 can be operated all day and then recharged overnight. For continuous use it can be powered by a supplied 110-240VAC wall plug adapter. A 300,000 point data logger is built-in.

Each PDFM 5 comes complete with carrying case, rugged watertight strap-on sensor and stainless steel mounting kit. Use the simple 5-key menu system to select units of measurement and to calibrate to any pipe diameter 0.5" (12.5 mm) or larger.

Built-In 300,000 Point Data Logger and PC Software

Set up the PDFM 5's data logger to store date-stamped flow values from 10 second to 5 minute intervals. Or use the convenient Flow Report format where total, minimum, maximum and average flow rates are stored in your choice of hourly or daily summaries. Transfer flow logs to your PC or laptop through the PDFM 5's USB output. Logger software (included) displays data in both graph and table formats and exports to graphic or text file formats for use in other programs.

New Signal Processing for Reliable Accuracy

The PDFM 5 Doppler flow algorithm filters out background noise and interference. The digital signal processor discriminates against weak and distorted signals. When the processor cannot measure accurately the meter will display zero flow and indicate low signal confidence.