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Rental GE Panametrics TransPort PT900 Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Brand: GE Panametrics  | Model: Rental TransPort PT900 (PT9-SYS)

Next generation tablet based portable ultrasonic flow meter for liquids.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Communication
  • Easy programming via tablet app (iOS and Android)
  • Wide selection of transducers for most pipe sizes and materials
  • Easy to install clamping fixture
  • Single or dual channel models
Part #: GE-PT900 (Rental)-RFQ
Starting at $899 /wk
Rental kits available

Rental GE Panemetrics PT900 Portable Ultrasnic Flow Meter for Liquids

The TransPort PT900 is the latest generation of portable clamp-on flow meters from GE’s Panametrics line of ultrasonic meters. It capitalizes on the ruggedness and superior performance of its predecessor, the TransPort PT878, but delivers a whole new level of intuitive and user-friendly capability based on today’s technology.

The PT900 has undergone the most involved voice of the user eff ort to date for GE’s flow products. Several years of learning about how people use portable flow meters and what they want and need while making flow rate measurements have influenced the PT900’s design. GE validated this learning and modified the design approach by sharing initial concepts and early prototypes with users. The result? The best portable flow meter needs to be versatile, easy to install, intuitive to use and capable of making reliable measurements even in the most difficult applications.

The PT900 maintains the same high performance as the PT878, but features a total redesign of the flow transmitter, clamping fixture and user interface. Key improvements include a redesigned fixture and a streamlined user interface on an Android tablet.

PT900 is designed to improve the user experience and deliver a measurement that inspires a high level of user confidence. All users, regardless of experience level with the meter, will be able to:

  • Install the clamping fixture with minimal confusion or repositioning
  • Connect the transmitter and transducer cables correctly
  • Turn on the tablet and pair it via Bluetooth with the transmitter
  • Start taking measurements within minutes

Available for rent at a weekly or monthly rate.