Noncontact Meters NCM B/E Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Brand: Noncontact Meters  | Model: NCM B/E Series

The Noncontact Meters B/E Series dedicated ultrasonic flow meter is ideal for high-accuracy non-invasive flow measurement of full pipe clean and dirty (< 2% SS) liquid applications.

Part #: NCM B/E Series
This product has been retired.

There is a newer series of this meter. The recommended replacement is the NCMB2 Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter.

The Noncontact Meters NCM B/E Series Clamp-On Ultrasonic Transit Time Flow Meter installs in seconds on most pipe materials. Measures full pipe clean to dirty liquid applications. Typical examples include water, well water, chilled water, hot water, city water, cooling tower water, glycol, deionized water, sea water, sewage, acids and more.

The NCM Series is also available as a complete Energy/BTU flow monitoring system, and includes dual clamp-on RTDs. This system measures both flow and temperatures, and calculates energy usage in BTU or Tons.

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