Greyline TTFM 6.1 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Brand: Greyline Instruments

Dedicated ultrasonic transit time flow meter for a variety of relatively clean liquids.

  • Noninvasive clamp-on installation
  • Single set of sensors for pipes 2 to 48 inches
  • Works on most metal or plastic pipe materials
  • Onboard 26 million point data logger

This is an ultrasonic transit time style meter and requires clean liquids with 2% or less suspended solids.

Part #: Greyline-TTFM-6.1
Starting at $3,100.00
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Transit Time Flow Meter with Clamp-On Transducers

Ultrasonic transducers mount on the of pipes to measure flow rate outside of clean, non-aerated fluids like water, chemicals, and oils. The clamp-on transducers can be mounted without system shutdown. There is no pressure drop and no obstruction.

Use the built-in keypad for fast easy with menu and programming, selection of and measurement pipe diameter, pipe material, liquid type units (gallons, liters etc.) alibration values and are Settings, c totalizer retained during power interruptions.

Instantaneous flow rate, volume total, run hours, and diagnostic information is just some of the information available via MODBUS optional RTU communications.