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Partlow Singel Pen Circular Chart Recorder

Brand: PARTLOW | Part #: MRC 51000011 | Item #: ID46
Partlow MRC 510000011, one pen circular chart recorder. 
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Price: $1256.00
Partlow MRC 51000011, one pen circular chart recorder.  Includes (1) Box (100 pcs) 00213826 Partlow Chart 0-100 7 Day. 

Description The MRC 5000 Series Circular chart is great for basic recording applications. With the easy to use 3-button data entry programming configuration is simple. Select your desired input by moving one jumper. The display is an easy to read 4 digit LED display that provides you with setup selections and current process value. Selections are stored in EEPROM memory so that a battery backup is not required.

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