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Open Channel Flow Meter Kit1

Brand: | Part #: LPU-2428-KIT1 | Item #: ID1217
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Price: $1098.00
LPU-2428-KIT1 : Loop Powered Ultrasonic Level and Open Channel Flow Meter with  programmer for flumes or weirs.  4/20MA output. 25 ft of cable.
Operating Range: 1 to 25 ft (0.3-7.6m) Liquids
Output: 4-20mA loop powered, 600 ohms @ 24 VDC, 150 ohms @ 12 VDC.
supply Voltage: 12 to 26 VDC (loop current 4-20mA)
Housing: PVDF (Kynar) transducer housing, PC/PBT upper housing.
Transducer type: Ceramic, PVDF faced
Ratings: IP65
Approvals: Class1, Div 1, Groups C & D, Class 1, Zone 0, Aexia IIB, T3; IP65
Resolution: 0.1 in (2.5mm)
Accuracy: +/- 0.25% of detected range
Program: Included RST-4001 with kit.
Operating temp: -40 to 140 deg F (-40 to 60 deg C)
Temp compensation: Internal
Beam: 9 deg 
Wiring: 2- conductor shielded (25 ft std)
Frequency: 69 kHz
Flumes: Parshall, Cutthroat,
Weirs: California Pipe, rectangular, Trapezoidal, V-Notch
Other: Linearization table for non standard flumes or weirs.