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Open Channel Flow Meters

Greyline AVFM 5.0 Area Velocity Flow Meter
No flume or weir? Measure flow in partially filled pipes and open channels with an area velocity meter. Ultrasonic technology measures forward and reverse flow in pipes and channels of any shape, 6" up to 10 ft.
Brand: Greyline | Part #: AVFM 5.0 | Item #: ID4043
Starting at $3,400.00
Greyline Stingray 2.0 Portable Level-Velocity Flow Meter
Portable long-life battery powered level-velocity logger for partially filled pipes.
Brand: Greyline | Part #: Stingray 2.0 | Item #: ID16367
Greyline MantaRay Portable Area Velocity Flow Meter
The NEW battery powered portable Greyline MantaRay measures flow in partially-filled pipes and open channels. View realtime data on the lcd screen, and log data up to 110 days on a single charge.
Brand: | Part #: MantaRay | Item #: ID16693
Greyline OCF 5.0 Open Channel Flow Meter
Ultrasonic open channel flow measurement for any flume or weir. Non-contacting sensor mounts above liquid for high accuracy flow measurement without fouling or obstruction. Built-in 2 million point data logger.
Brand: Greyline | Part #: OCF 5.0 | Item #: ID4891
Starting at $2,372.00
Global Water FL16U Water Flow Logger
Battery-powered flow and temperature logger for partially filled stormwater or sewer pipes, flumes or weirs. Built-in 81,759 point data logger with USB communications.
Brand: Global Water | Part #: FL16U | Item #: ID510
Open Channel Flow Monitor AC Power
 FC220-AC : Open Channel Flow Monitor AC Power. The flow meter accepts any 4-20 water depth input.
Output 4-20MA, Power 120 VAC.
Brand: | Part #: FC220-AC | Item #: ID1692
Global Water Flow Probe
Digital Water Velocity Flow Probe Meter
Brand: | Part #: FP-01 | Item #: ID7746
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