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Dual Clamp-on temp kit03, Portaflow-C


Part #: FSCS-TEMP-KIT03  |  Item #: ID1390
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This dual calmp-on temp kit is designed specifically for the Fuji Portaflow-C, FSCS ultrasonic transit time flow meter. 
It is plug and play our of the box. No calibration required. It comes with  (2) RTDs with 20 ft of cable. Temp Range 32-212 deg F (0-100 deg C). Power 120 VAC. (Requires the Fuji Portaflow-C 4/20MA cable assembly , #FSC I/O Cable, if not available add $110).  
Plug in the I/O cable into your FSCS and the meter will data log Flow, Temp1, Temp2 and calculate your BTUs. Reference the FSCS manual or training videos to program your FSCS for this temperature input.